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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. —Seneca

Project Second Chance is a non-profit dedicated to individuals and their families who have experienced circumstances in their life that have put them in the hands of the judicial system, we are primarily focused on preparing and securing jobs for individuals in the system upon their release.

We have affiliations with large corporations that will hire certain individuals depending on the criminal record, we will try and have a job waiting for them upon their release if they contact us within a year of their release; we will help make a professional resume for the individual and get him a job or at the very least three interviews.

We contact them through their family, we provide assistance and guidance in selecting the appropriate attorney to defend them, helping their family take the appropriate actions in regards to finances, selling their property, divorces, wills, bankruptcy, taxes, transfers to their country or origin, relocations closer to their homes, contacting family members when their is a death, referring attorneys for appeals, when possible, locating pro-bono attorneys, continuing education through correspondence courses.

We provide help and guidance in securing legal assistance for their loved ones, providing an evaluation of their financial situation, and maintaining contact with their loved ones, in readjustment to life without them, we help guide them in the painful process of separation and adjustment.

Silvestre Cuellar started Project Second Chance in December 2009 as a way to help individuals; it was extended to others that were referred to us by individuals we helped, it has grown to the point that we needed to form a non-profit due to the time we spend with this project.

We plan to keep growing and helping everyone who contacts us and wants a fresh start in life, we will help you get there.

As of now we mainly help individuals in the Federal System, but are expanding and learning about the state systems; we will try our best to help; the project is run with the full intention of getting the individual and family away from a life of criminal activity.

We have several links to offer you and your loved one additional help.